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The main focus of this site is to provide a portal for advice and tips on how to bring changes to society to make us all more environmentally friendly. We will be posting in about problems associated to excessive chemical use, carbon emissions and overall improvements to energy efficiency. To achieve this we will need the support of governments from the local level all the way up to the European Union.

Over the years we have received many tips and gained extensive knowledge how the whole political process works. It can be very frustrating to see how slow things change but that should under no circumstances stop us from continuing in our quest to improve the future outlook for us and the next generations.

We have a long list of topics that we want to write about and hopefully we will be able to post some success stories as well. If you have specific requests for information, then feel free to use the comment sections or contact page. We try to answer all questions and the more feedback we get the better we can tailor the site.

Hopefully you enjoy the content and are inspired to make changes in your own life. We also hope that people become more active and try to influence policy makers around.