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Today’s topic is somewhat different to a lot of our previous posts, but in many ways it very much keeps with the underlying philosophy of what we try to portray to people. Environmentally friendly solutions that use less chemicals have got a great impact on our health and that of our families, so any ideas we come across that promote this will be encouraged on this site.

Many people might think that pools are an unnecessary luxury that only poses strain on the environment. And I will be honest; I always felt that way too. But then on a recent trip to the US West Coast, I met a very interesting guy from a pool service Orange County CA based company.

Brian introduced me to some fantastic ideas that he and his colleagues had come up with that can be relatively inexpensively implemented and that make private pools a lot more environmentally friendly. In this post I want to highlight some of those ideas.

Saline Water

I had actually never heard of pool water treatments other than chemical that were actually viable alternatives. Usually people regularly measure the chemical balance of their pool water and then add a bit of chlorine whenever needed. But according to Brian there is an increasing demand for switching to saline water. By implementing a chlorine generator cell the salt is simply transformed into chlorine in a natural way utilizing electrolysis, meaning that you still get rid of bacteria and algae. At the same time the chemical content is much lower making it more pleasant and far less harmful to the environment.

Provide Shade

This was probably one of the simplest ideas to make pools more environmentally friendly. In the heat of the summer there will be a lot of water evaporation meaning that you will constantly need to top up with valuable water. To reduce the amount of evaporation, some simple landscaping ideas like bushes and trees near the pool can provide a lot of natural shade. In addition, it is advisable to have a retractable pool cover so that you can simply have the pool covered when it is not in use. This hugely reduces the amount of water needed and is also good for the finances.

Rain Water Harvesting

Another idea was to use a rain water harvesting system. Basically you collect the water that runs off your roof whenever it rains. This is then stored in tanks to then be easily accessed when your pool needs topping up. It can also be used in periods of drought to water lawns and other vegetation in your yard.

Solar Powered Pumps

Chances are that if you have a pool you live in a pretty nice climate with consistent sunshine. Even if you cannot afford to install large photo voltaic cells on you roof (these can be very expensive) you can still make your pool energy self-sufficient with solar panels. A small set of strategically places panels can provide more than enough energy to run a pool pump and filter out particles. This will also save a considerable amount of money over the years.

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