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Posted by: | Posted on: February 11, 2014
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There are many things that are having a significant impact on the future of our society and human beings worldwide. We owe it to our children to make sure that the world they live in is safe, and that the mere action of breathing air does not make them sick or reduce their life expectancy and quality.

Our focus is to provide information to the public about how individuals can make a difference by making certain lifestyle choices and trying to become more active in their communities by engaging local and EU politicians. By demonstrating success stories at a grass roots level it is much easier to influence European policy decisions. Essentially we advocate a bottom up approach of educating the general public in a way that will convince them to engage ever larger levels of communities.

People often think of chemicals and those corrosive acids and highly toxic, immediately lethal materials used only during certain industrial processes. While certain chemicals without a doubt improve our quality of life when used in small and safe amounts, there are numerous chemicals that we use in everyday life that can slowly accumulate in nature and ultimately lead up the food chain.

By educating the public about how to identify chemicals and their immediate and long-term harm we hope to encourage a culture where people check the contents of the things they buy. Cleaning products are one of the biggest source of chemicals in the home, but the lesser known sources are the very construction and home improvement materials. This is one area where people can make a very active difference.

Air pollution is one of the main areas that we try to draw attention to. Here people can make a significant difference through a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, but also indirectly when they know that certain products involve certain chemical releases during the production process. Reduce the usage of such products and you reduce the amount of pollution. And once there is a popular demand for such reduction then it is much easier to affect influence on the regulation of such materials. Our children will thank us for it.

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