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Once people understand that there are so many areas where chemicals enter our lives it becomes much easier to get them to try and influence policy. This can initially start at local levels by joining environmental support groups and starting to engage with local politicians. The more those local politicians hear from constituents’ concerns about air pollution the more this will become an election matter and a source for policy change.

Our children are ultimately the ones that could pay the price. Chemical accumulation is often very gradual, but once a level of toxicity is reached it can have life altering effects. We should all be very concerned about our children’s health and wellbeing as well as our own. This is something that many pregnant women do not consider; chemicals enter our bodies all the time, and while they may be harmless at those levels to an average adult, they may well be toxic to a fetus.

If significant momentum can be created at a local level about all matters around our current and future health, especially the future health of our children, then this will not go unnoticed. MEPs are forced to go to the electorate on a regular basis and if we can create enough noise in constituencies then our message will be heard.

The first thing everyone should do is actively and directly engage with local politicians and councilors. Get all your friends and family to do so as well and don’t do it through a single letter signed by many people. Do it by getting as many people as possible to send individual letters and emails. Book a time with a local politician during constituency hours. The impact of ten individual people making contact is far greater than one single letter being sent with ten signatures.

The very same can be done around European elections. Get likeminded people to engage with the people who call to the doors and ask them about air pollution policies. Tell them what you think and that you would like to see it become part of the election mandate. This is by far the best place to start.

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